The Twelve Days of Christmas

Warner family minivan, driving through the Wesley Clover Park Christmas light display.  5:15pm.

Me: Oh, look kids!  Here comes the 12 Days of Christmas.  There's the partridge in the pear tree.
Malcolm: Pears?
Me: There's two morning doves.
Shawn: Three chickens in Paris?
Me: Or maybe three French hens?
Scarlett: Oh look and there's four birds!
Me: I have no idea what kind of birds those are.
Nevin: They look kind of like doves again?
Me: Why do they have so many birds in this sing?
Shawn: I know this one.  Five golden rings!
Kids: Look at the sparkling rings!
Me: Six geese a-laying!
Scarlett: Malcolm, those are like ducks.
Malcolm: Ducks?
Me: I think it was actually turtle doves.
Malcolm: Turtle?
Shawn:  Oh, and look, there's the swans.  What number are we on again?
Silence. (Kids are presumably counting).
Scarlett: Seven.  Seven swans.
Scarlett:  There's some girls with a cow!
Me: Eight maids a-milking.
Scarlett or Nevin: Malcolm, you see the cow?
Malcolm (in whispered excitment): I see it!  I see a cow!
Scarlett: There's some ladies dancing.
Me: This is usually where I lose interest.  Oh!  Ten lords a-leaping.  We're back in the game!
Me:  Eleven... eleven flutes...?  What is that?
Shawn: Eleven golfers golfing.
Me: We're done here.


  1. Nice post! Christmas is my favorite. Every year we book a fine venue NYC and invite all our friends and relatives to the party. This time I am planning to do things differently. Everybody is going to make a dish and get for the event, this way we will be able to taste everybody’d special dish.


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