They Are Like Sailors Around Here


1. Malcolm's favourite thing is trucks.  He loves them.  He asks to play with them, he talks to his brother about them, he points and yells "truck!  truck!" when one passes us in the street.  Except he can't really pronounce the "tr" sound yet.  It sounds more like an "f" when he says it.

2. Scarlett is working on reading.  She's getting pretty good with the simple readers for homework every evening, but sometimes she needs to sound things out.  The other night she brought home a little reader called "The Big Kick."  She tried to read the title but got stuck on "Kick." So she started sounding it out: "k, k-k-k, kiiiiii, kiiiiiiiiiick."  You know how it goes.  Except she got the short "i" sound mixed up with the short "o" sound.  Think about that for a second.  And the more I prompted her to sound it out and note the vowel, the more she emphasized the "o" sound.  

These are the struggles.  English is so hard.


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