The Sunday that Was


It'd could've been a terrible day.  Shawn was hung over: a rarity in our lives.  I had stayed up way too late, or early, shuttling people home.  The kids were ganging up on me, or so it felt.

And yet.  The sun was shining and it was warm.  An early autumn burst of warmth, after a dreary, cool summer was calling us outside.  We packed a picnic and drove to the beach.

We wondered amongst the pine needles.  They dug holes in the sand.  We doubled up on the swings, little bums on big thighs, face to face, and went so high that we giggled with fright.

And then we all came home, and tucked in for a nap.

We relished the day.  Seized it.  Saved it.  The kids want to do it again next week.





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