Saying goodbye to our cousins


After three fun-filled weeks of bonding, my niece and nephews from Alberta left last week.

Our kids got along so well.  One of my nephews hadn't been here in 5 years - almost a life time - and he and Nevin quickly became best friends.

The goodbye at the train depot was a tear-streaked, sobbing mess.
I left the place with one child in my arms, snuggled into the crook of my neck, one hugging my waist and another holding my hand while hugging my thigh.
It was a sad scene.

We got in the car, drank some water and calmed down.  But of course, as we were sitting at a red light beside the depot, a train went past us on the overpass.  Nevin looked at the clock and said sorrowfully, "That's their train."  And everyone started crying again.

We got some ice cream to cheer up the day and were still feeling pretty glum.  I posted a picture on instagram with a sad face emoji.  And then my uncle came through with the wisdom we all needed.  He commented:

"Wouldn't it be sad if the goodbyes were not hard."



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