An Ode to Two-Year-Olds


Two-year-olds get a bad rap.

Sure, they react to mundane tasks with a disproportionate level of disgust and their reactivity does not distinguish phrases like "Please put on your shoes" from  "Please chop your foot off."  They scream, they yell "no!" a lot, and they flail on the ground.

However, there are a lot of amazing things that two-year-olds do that people forget to talk about.  Like when they say "tank you" for giving them medicine they hate, just because its over.  Or when they giggle when you say "I'mmmm going to get yooooou."  Or when they notice someone is crying and immediately offer hugs.

They are just so honest and sweet.  The other day Malcolm told me I was his best friend* and he melted my heart.  By the end of conversation, he decided Nevin was his best friend and I was downgraded to his birthday cake maker, but I still took it as a compliment.  Two year old love cake more than people.

They also do all sorts of weird and random things.  Today he closed the toilet seat, used it as a table, sat his almost naked bum on the floor, said "me read to you Mommy", and started doing his very best recitation of Eric Carle's Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?  It was fantastic and hilarious.

Two year olds have their ups and downs, but I think overall its an up situation.  Its just a temporary state of mind, a phase, a rough patch at worst.  After all, all my favourite people have been two at one point or another, and they are currently living in the "Awesome" column on my imaginary chart of People I Know.  So stop painting the twos with such broad negative brushstrokes, and pause next time you see a two year old being honest or hilarious.

*Only it sounded exactly like this: "Mommy my bess fenn," which is even better.


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