Glasses, Door Knobs and Other Random Things


A few weeks ago Nevin got glasses.  He had requested the check-up, so it came as no surprise and he met the news with relief and cheer.  Two mornings later, Scarlett sprang down the stairs and gleefully announced that they hadn't fought at all and she "stood at the doorway" while Nevin watched the clock turn to 6am.  You would have to live here, and then chat with them after this incident, to understand that they have been tag-teaming for months to maximize the efficiency of getting out of their room at 6am (the time at which the Stay-In-Your-Bed Rule dissolves).  Apparently, one would stand by the door knob and the other would be by the clock across the room.  Since Nevin's bed is next to the clock, he would elect to be the clock-watcher, so he could monitor it from bed.  Up until he got glasses, this caused animosity because he couldn't actually read the clock and so Scarlett would end up doing both jobs.  Through the miracle of modern optometry, their problem was solved.

This is a very long winded story to get to my point: my kids are growing up.  I had no idea that this had been going on for weeks, or maybe months.  I knew they were watching the clock because they come downstairs at 6am everyday, but the strategies, the teamwork, the fights were are all news to me.  They have entered a new phase of childhood, where they don't need me for everything and I don't know everything.   I have officially entered that part of parenthood that has a treasure trove of secrets between siblings that don't come out until a couple of bottles of wine have been consumed around the Christmas dinner table twenty years later.

What's more?  Yesterday for April Fools, Nevin played a trick on Scarlett.  He remembered that it was April Fools when the rest of us had forgotten, and when we looked at him like he was crazy, he shouted "April Fools!" and started laughing his head off.  And I thought, "that is such an eight-year-old boy thing to do."  It was.  And it reminded me again that he is growing up.

This might be my favourite part of parenting yet.  We've discovered a mutual love of literature and after the younger two have gone to bed we snuggle up and I read to him.  Some books are my all-time favourites like Harry Potter, and others are ones that I've never read, like the Chronicles of Narnia.  I'll say its time for bed, he'll beg me for just one more page and we'll read for another 15 minutes.  He knows a good story is my kryptonite and is learning that I'm a real person with weaknesses that can be exploited, but he's not old enough to resent my humanness yet.  He still sees me as royalty.

Its a fine and fickle stage to be in, this in between part, but mostly its just sweet.  I don't know when the little boy stage ended, and I'll probably won't realize that this part is leaving until it is long gone, but for now futilely I'll hope that it'll last forever.


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