Malcolm at 2 years old


1.  He is polite.  As in: when he is having a fit because he doesn't want to put on his snow suit, he wails, "No, tank you, Mommy! Noooo, tank yooooou!"

2.  He is one unlucky, sick kid.  He still hasn't had his flu shot, even though I want to get it for him.  Why?  Because he has not been healthy for a solid straight week since Canadian Thanksgiving.  No exaggeration.

3.  At the end of the school day, he needs me.  The best $49 USD I spent this year was on Prep Dish about a month ago.  I no longer need to get dinner ready after school/day care/work, so I can give him the attention he needs.  After about a week, we noticed a huge improvement in his behaviour and mood.  Turns out our sweet, laid back baby hadn't been stolen by the Terrible Twos, he just needed a little extra love.

4.  Paw Patrol rules his world.




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