Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!


School went right up until December 23rd, so this week things weren't feeling quite as festive as some years.  That is, until yesterday when Malcolm woke up and, sitting in the dark in his cage of a crib, had a bright idea.  He started singing "Jingle Bells" on repeat.

That was that.  The shift happened.  We woke to joyous music and the last two days have been very merry and bright.

We wish you all the best this Christmas season.  We hope if you are struggling that the smallest thing happens in you life that shifts it all and brightens your spirits.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Malcolm at 2 years old


1.  He is polite.  As in: when he is having a fit because he doesn't want to put on his snow suit, he wails, "No, tank you, Mommy! Noooo, tank yooooou!"

2.  He is one unlucky, sick kid.  He still hasn't had his flu shot, even though I want to get it for him.  Why?  Because he has not been healthy for a solid straight week since Canadian Thanksgiving.  No exaggeration.

3.  At the end of the school day, he needs me.  The best $49 USD I spent this year was on Prep Dish about a month ago.  I no longer need to get dinner ready after school/day care/work, so I can give him the attention he needs.  After about a week, we noticed a huge improvement in his behaviour and mood.  Turns out our sweet, laid back baby hadn't been stolen by the Terrible Twos, he just needed a little extra love.

4.  Paw Patrol rules his world.



Sunday, 11 December 2016

Five Things I Learned This Year


1.  Living in the flow is easier.  Thanks, Jess Lively.  No more scheduling my weekend and worrying about completing a task by my self-imposed deadline.  Things will get done whether I stress out or not.  Might as well back off.

2. And related... embrace the moment.  This was our year of moments, of living life to the max and saying "yes" to adventures.  We loved it.  We don't feel like a married couple bogged down with responsibilities.  It makes us feel young - like we are dating again.  Hold back your desire to gag, but it makes us giggly.

3.  I love watermelons.  Pre-2016 Sasha hated watermelons.  It was a defining characteristic.  I'd try a slice every few years and fling it away in disgust.  Then Nevin asked me to get him one and only the really big ones were on sale.  I tried a piece.  And according to the sticker, I ate 11 pounds of watermelon in two days.

4.  My kids have Love Languages, too.  Scarlett's is touch.  I discovered that its almost impossible for her to get upset if she is holding my hand or in my lap.  It is also impossible for her to remain calm when I deny her a hug.

5.  Concerts are amazing.  Accidental Earl Sweatshirt.  Bluesfest in the pouring rain with The Lumineers.  Nostalgic Blue Rodeo.  High school gym with acoustic Hedley.  I did it all and loved it.

Thanks for all the good times, 2016.  Its been a slice.  Or ten. Of watermelon.
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