Minivan Politics


On Tuesday night, Donald Trump was elected president of the US.  We didn't mention it to the kids, mostly because we didn't think they cared.  They are 7- and 5-years old.  They have bigger things to worry about like missing Lego pieces and whether or not their friends will want to play soccer at recess.  That was a false assumption.

I picked them up from school on Wednesday afternoon, and I had one of those mom-driving-the-minivan moments.  You know the moment: when a conversation starts, mom looks in the rearview mirror and she doesn't dare interrupt because she needs to hear where the conversation is going.  Its been played out in many a minivan commercial and these rare moments exist.  This exchange started with a "Do you know who won the election?" and it went exactly like this:

Nevin: Scarlett, do you know who won the election?
Scarlett (annoyed):  No.  I don't even know what that is.
Nevin (in his big brother teachable moment tone): Okay.  Ummm... You know that silly guy in the United States?
Scarlett:  I think so.
Nevin:  Well, he got elected to be President of the United States.
Scarlett:  Oh, no!  You mean now they are going to build a big wall?!?  That's SO sad!

Who needs political pundits when you've got school kids and a minivan?


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