Why Icelanic sheep are AMAZING.

  1. They are anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Just because there is a fence, doesn't mean you are safe from hitting them.  Often they are on the road-side of the fence.  As in, they are on both sides of the fence at the same time.
  3. After seeing them on mountain sides and grazing at the corner of a cliff Seljalandsfoss, Shawn called them "Baaaaaaaaad ass sheep."
  4. In the car as a sheep pops out from the lang grass onto the road:
    • Sasha: "Sheep!"
    • Shawn: "Stop swearing, Sasha."
  5. On a mountain and cliff section of road in the East Fjords, a sheep is trotting on the side of the road beside the guardrail with her two buddies.  She squats in front of us, pees, looks me in the eye with malice and says "Baaaaaaa."  Is that the sheep equivalent of spitting at someone's feet and giving them the stink eye?  I think so.
  6. Northern sheep are more skittish and will run off the road when they see a car.  We witnessed three sheep do the following when we happened upon them running along the road (instead of across it):
    • "Bob!  Car coming!  Booooob, I need more room to get off!  Booooob!"  And finally Caaaarl body checks Boooob off the road and flees.


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