The Five-Year Project, Part 2

Another five years on the books for Mr. Warner and I.  That can only mean one thing: its time for another instalment of The Five-Year Project!

Every five years, I put on my wedding dress, we gussy up the family and re-enact a few of our wedding pictures.  Last time, we invested in our all-time favourite lifestyle photographers -- Luke and Lee-Anne Haggett -- but they no longer do family photography, so this time we went with the DIY approach.  

It was much more challenging since the family has grown, there was a tired toddler involved, and we can't just wing it when we are trying to re-create photos from the past.  We went on a Friday night, and unlike last time, there were a lot of people in the park.  I don't know why, but I get SO self conscious wondering around town in a wedding dress.  Normally I embrace absurdity, but its harder in that dress.  We managed.

Turns out the crowd was a wedding party scouting out the location for their Saturday afternoon ceremony and photographs.  It would have been fine except they thought we were DIYing our actual wedding photos.  And so the kindhearted, real wedding photographers approached us to see if they could help.  To my mortification, they were the parents of a couple of kids in Scarlett's class.  You know, the kind of arms-length acquaintances that know you well enough to say "Hi!", but aren't close enough to know if you are crazy or not.  We cleared up the situation, laughed at the awkwardness and parted ways.  On the plus side, who needs blush when embarrassment gives you the the real thing?  I look fantastic in these photos. 

And now, the evolution of the Warners.


Warner Family-1



Warner Family-3



Warner Family-5



Warner Family-7



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