Malcolm at 18 Months

A random picture from a June day that showcases two of his loves.  Note: he is wearing a mitten in June.

Here is what he loves, in order:
1. Trucks
2. Cleaning up
3. Socks, mittens and hats
4. Red
5. Peek-a-boo
6. Spiderman

Life stops when a truck starts up.
He will dump a bucket just so he can clean up and Heavens-help-you if you try to take something from him, but if you show him where it belongs he gladly gives it up.
There are no colours beyond red on the rainbow (related: he is not colour blind).
I'm pretty sure he loves Spiderman because he is red (refer to #4).
In any case, his quirks are starting to come through.  He has his own ideas of what is exciting and I love that.  Things are starting to get interesting.


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