Big Month Moment: March 2016

"Someone once told me that women should do two things everyday they love, one thing every week that they treasure, and one bigger thing every month they will never forget." ~ commenter on Modern Mrs. Darcy
I love this idea, and since I only vividly remember the moments chronicled in this log, I am writing down those big things monthly.

When we found out that our favourite retired cyclist was coming to Ottawa, we did what anyone should do when a living legend enters your sphere: we got a babysitter and left our modesty at home.

We made t-shirts.  We chanted his name.  We smiled a lot.

He was everything we hoped: hilarious, full of funny stories of professional cycling, and treated everyone like he was excited to talk with them as they were to talk to him.  He is confident and grounded at the same time.

We surprised our pregnant friend with a t-shirt that said "I want to be like Jens when I grow up" on the belly.  She loved it.  Jen Voigt LOVED it.

So much that he granted me my 5 seconds of fame: he tweeted it to 230,00 people. 15 minutes is so 80's.  I'll take the tweet and call it a win.

It is so much fun to get wrapped up in a moment.  Can't wait for my next opportunity to act like a 15-year-old fangirl again!  (And to see my husband act like a 15-year-old fangirl, too).


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