Saturday, 27 February 2016

Nevin is smarter than Siri.


Have you ever asked Siri random questions?  We just discovered it the other night.  If you think its fun, try it with a seven year old.  The jokes are lost on them, but because you think its fun, they think its hilarious.  I had a blast.  His candid remarks?  Golden.  My favourite?  Below.

Me: Siri, what is your favourite colour?
Siri: My favourite colour is… well, I don’t know how to say it in your language. It’s sort of greenish, but with more dimensions.
Nevin: Obviously she is trying to say 'turquoise.'

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Big Month Moment: February 2016

"Someone once told me that women should do two things everyday they love, one thing every week that they treasure, and one bigger thing every month they will never forget." ~ commenter on Modern Mrs. Darcy
I love this idea, and since I only vividly remember the moments chronicled in this log, I am writing down those big things monthly.

My friend and I went cross-country skiing after dark.  It was icy -- a miserable failure -- and I loved it.  I felt free; like I was childless, twenty something, fit.  We slipped and slid our way up the narrow path to the main trail, chatting about about how crazy we were.  We were on An Adventure.

I was using Shawn's mountain biking head lamp.  It had more power than I need and one major flaw: its battery goes in your pocket and the wire attached to the light on your head.  This is perfect, and reliable, for biking since jerseys have the pocket on your back and you don't flail your arms.  But I was cross country skiing in the dark, on ice and my pocket was in the front of my jacket.  I kept hitting the cord.  Every time I did the light went out and, since the full moon was behind thick cloud cover, I went blind.

The start of the main trial has some good hills.  The kind that require courage and newbie ignorance.  We made it down one icy hill and decided to take our skis off and walk back.  It just wasn't worth getting hurt.

The thing is: we still had a great time.  I think that is what has changed in me since my twenties.  Its not that I'm less of a risk taker or am more aware of my mortality.  On the contrary, I think I am actually more willing to take risks than before.  I'm more adaptable.  I can go on An Adventure, not succeed at what I'd set out for and still embrace the experience.  Before, I couldn't get past the failed outcomes.  I think this adaptability might also be related to why I am more willing to take risks.

So we took a risk, we couldn't ski as we had hoped, and we ended up with a quiet stroll in the woods.  It wasn't a great workout or a thrill, but it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Bikini Tops


Prologue.  Scarlett found a bikini top that goes with her bathing suit.  I've only ever shown her the rash guard and bikini bottom, and she has worn those kind of like a full-coverage tankini.

Scarlett: I love this!  Can I wear my swimming bra to swimming lessons?
Me: Yes, but the pool is cold, so you have to wear a swimming shirt over it.
Scarlett: Yes!  I love my swimming bra!
Me:  Usually people call it a bikini.
Pause.  Scarlett considers bikini.
Scarlett:  I don't know...  Be Queenie seems kinda hard to remember.  I'm going to call it a swimming bra.
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