Malcolm at 13 months


Independence.  That's his word of the month.

He chugs his milk like its an ice cold beer on a hot July day, and he'll take it all on his own thank-you-very-much.
He prefers to go up the stairs without any help.  It is his favourite thing to do.
He will walk around furniture, if its his idea.  If you are holding his hands, it stands to reason that you could be just holding all of him in your arms, right?  Ergo, he has never attempted to stand, let alone walk, with the help of an adult.

And despite all this independence, he continues to be one of the most laid back babies I have ever met.  Happy to go with the flow, sit and explore whatever is within arms reach, eat the food placed in front of him without complaint (and continue to sit in his high chair long after the meal has finished and everyone has forgotten about him), and watch the world around him.


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