Big Month Moment: January 2015

Sunset Ski
"Someone once told me that women should do two things everyday they love, one thing every week that they treasure, and one bigger thing every month they will never forget." ~ commenter on Modern Mrs. Darcy
I love this idea, and since I only vividly remember the moments chronicled in this log, I am writing down those big things monthly.

4pm - Goodbye children.
4:30pm - Sunset cross-country skiing for two.  Deer make an appearance.
6 pm - Break into a house with a hot tub.  Enjoy.  (Technically, we have the keys and the hot tub is outside, so there was no break or enter, but they weren't home and that felt a little sneaky.)
6:30pm - Ditch dinner plans.
6:32pm - Arrive at grocery store.  Stock up on essentials: french fries, butter chicken sauce, a chicken breast, cheese, chicken wings and egg rolls.  Because thats how we roll.
6:45pm - Pick up baby, put to bed, leave older children for a sleep over.
7:30pm - Start watching The Martian.  Also known as the film adaptation of the first book we've ever read together.
8:00pm - Break out the popcorn and pretzels.  Because butter chicken poutine wasn't enough.
9:30pm - Go to bed, gloriously early.


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