Our New Night Light

The kids have been getting ornaments, and as much as I have toned down my need to take control of every situation, I felt it was time the kids embraced unbridled kitsch without messing with my calm, monochromatic, heirloom-laced tree.

We went into our basement and dug out the artificial tree that Shawn says I stole from a 7-year-old at a yard sale our first Christmas together.  In my defence, I offered the kid $2, he was thrilled, and I left before his mom came back out.  As of yesterday, the legitimately procured tree sits beside Nevin and Scarlett's bedroom door and is strung with rainbow coloured lights. To decorate it, they made paper chains, found old Christmas crafts and included their growing collection of commercialized and trademarked ornaments.  It is the best night light ever.

Nevin was thrilled when he found an old scrapbooking sticker leftover from a gift when he was born and stuck it on the tree.  It says in bold blue letters "IT'S A BOY!" which I find hilariously apropos.

In the middle of the night, when Scarlett got up to use the washroom, she stared at the tree in awe and said in hushed tones "Daddy, its beautiful."  This makes me swell with love for two reasons: a) child wonderment is beautiful and b) she called out to her father, not to me, when she was having a moment of joy, which is a testament to his involvement in our kids lives.

So I guess the point to this entry is this: we have a night light that is awesome.  By the way, we are awesome, too.


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