"Mom, I've made a border out of lego in my room!" Nevin said.

A border out of Lego? I thought.  All the way around his room?  It was a bizarre project to take on, but it says something about his personality that I didn't think that this was entirely out of the ordinary.  I forgot all about it in about eight seconds.

It wasn't until two nights ago that I came into their room to read stories and Nevin said, "Look at my border!  Isn't it good?" that I thought Ohhhh, we've done it again.


Hanging on our wall, we have fantastic art.  The kids made two canvases last summer and the paintings speak volumes about who they are.  Scarlett's painting is full of colour, abstract and, for the work of a three-year-old, it is really pleasing to look at.  Nevin painted a police SUV driving on a road.  It is an imaginative object rendered literal and specific.  Trying to get him to expand his horizons a little (and to add a little colour to the very-white-not-a-part-of-the-police-SUV edges of the canvas), I suggested "why don't you draw a border around it?"

"Great idea Mom!" he said and he proceeded to draw a giant navy blob on top of the SUV with a too-small navy rectangle above it.  Weird kid thing, I thought.

It took me until October to figure it out: he literally drew a USA-Canada customs border gate.


So, in Nevin's room there is currently a large USA-Canada customs office with a gate for Lego cars and trucks to pass through; NOT a row of Lego encircling his room.  And it only took me a week to understand.


  1. So beautiful wall! I love your family pictures so much


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