Baby Meditations


Aside from shavasana, I am a meditation virgin.  That is, I thought I was until yesterday.

Recently, I have wanted to give it a go.  People talk about the benefits of meditation and how good you feel afterwards, and I thought, "I need a little of that in my life."  So I've dabbled in some meditation-themed podcast listening, thought about it, told myself I was going to get up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow, and subsequently never followed through.

I listened to a podcast yesterday about a woman, a really interesting antithesis-of-hippy metropolitan lady, talk about how meditation has saved her from anxiety.  She said - as I've heard before - just start by sitting somewhere and breathing.  

Last night as I was rocking Malcolm to sleep as I always do, I was savouring the moment as I have come to do.  I am acutely aware of the weight of his bottom on my thigh and his head in the crook of my elbow and I just rock with him.  He is most at peace when I breathe calmly, so I tend to just try to live in that moment and think about nothing but our presence together and my breath.  And then it occurred to me: I'm just thinking about my breath and sitting in the present moment ... I'M MEDITATING!  

Of course, that's when I got all excited, and started writing this blog post in my head, and thought about getting up to tell Shawn, and worried that I would fidget, and stopped thinking about breathing, and my meditation session effectively ended in irony.  Nonetheless, I had meditated.

Which has me thinking: what other times can I sit in the moment and just breathe?  I think I am on to something here (although I'll have to not think about it to be sure).


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