Things Scarlett Says


On starting school late in the week compared to everyone else, to her cousin:
"You'll have to call me, because I'm the only one available."

On allergies: 
"I think that when the bees are carrying their baskets with the honey in it then it tips a little bit and some falls into the air and swirls around (insert exaggerated hand motions here) and a little bit comes through our window and into mommy's nose." 

On wall goo for sticking up posters: 
[Me: What is that?] 
"It the stuff that looks like gum but doesn't taste like gum."

On time:
"Is it 9 o'clock yet?"
[Shawn: No, it's 8:22.]
"You are going to have to tell me when it is because I don't know numbers like that.  I only know numbers like googolplex and other numbers with 3 in it."


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