Flexing Muscles at the Dinner Table


At the dinner table the other night, we started talking about protein and that it makes your muscles big and strong.  Scarlett, our self-described "Meat Monster", pointed out that she loved meat and therefore had big muscles.  To illustrate, she flexed her arms as hard as she could - in a red-faced, teeth clenched, whole-body-shaking, four-year-old kind of way.

This is where our sketch begins.

I point out the obvious.  "Watch out: you'll poop your pants."

The family giggles.  And giggles.  Until Scarlett catches her breath and says, "Remember Mom, we don't talk like that at the table."

I had broken the cardinal rule: No potty talk at the table.  "You're right.  I'm sorry."

And then she drives her point home: "I think that just made Jesus sad."


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