Things I've learned: Red Pepper Edition

This weekend I learned the following:

1.  Hot peppers and mundane lunchbox peppers in our CSA box look identical.
2.  When your four-year-old tastes the end of a hot pepper and says "its not spicy," she has no idea what she is talking about.
3.  Never pop a giant piece of pepper in your mouth unless you are certain it is not a hot pepper.  This is especially important if that piece has the white part and a seed on it.
4.  A glass of milk, yogurt, half of a banana, or a second glass of milk are only temporary fixes for an intense problem.  Shoving your entire face under the kitchen tap and leaving it there until your nervous system realizes that you are not dying seems to be the best approach.
5.  If, in all the confusion, the juice from a hot pepper gets in the nail bed of your thumb, it will burn off and on for approximately two days.  This is irksome, but it will pass.
6.  I do not like hot peppers.


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