Motherhood (a.k.a. highlights and realities from the last two weeks)


Motherhood is allowing your son to put on his life jacket to swim in a three foot deep pool, even though you know he doesn't need it.
Motherhood is keeping a straight face after your daughter hands you a small stringy gob of clay in a puddle of spit and in response to you saying "what is that?"she responds "its the the stuff that looks like gum but doesn't taste like it."
Motherhood is dance parties in your rearview mirror.
Motherhood is losing your patience, sentencing your children to the couch, and then after a couple of minutes of silence, being asked "are you starting to find your patience again?"
Motherhood is crying with your daughter during the sad parts at the drive-in theatre.
Motherhood is swelling with pride over weird little things like finding your little monkey halfway up the door jam for the first time.
It's being the baby's favourite.
It's talking your kids through sharing, and being proud when they actually do it.
Motherhood is wondering why they don't all get up to pee at the same time in the night and thinking maybe they have conspired and calculated a mathematical equation to minimize your sleep.
Motherhood is five loads of laundry, fresh dinner and lots of dishes.
It's changing sheets after an accident on sleepover night.  And feeling a trickle on your knee, as you realize -- too late -- that there was a puddle on that sleeping bag and, oh yes, you are covered in someone else's child's pee.
It's dreaming of date nights with Daddy.


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