Malcolm at 7 months


Nobody loves Peek-A-Boo as much as Malcolm Warner.

One night, while Scarlett is tucking herself into bed, we scheme about how to scare Daddy when he comes up for his good-night kiss.  We plan it all out in the twilight of her room.  When we get to the end, we say "Boo!"

Malcolm is on my hip, in the dark, listening to us.  After we say "Boo," there is a giggle -- or, more accurately, a guttural "Haaaaaaaaaaaah.  Pause.  Haaaaaaaaaaaah.  Pause.  Haaaaaaaaaaaah."  We practice the "Boo" again, and again the laugh.

In Malcolm's mind, Boo means only one thing, and he thinks it is hilarious.  We think he is hilarious, so instead of scaring Daddy, we all pretend to play Peek-A-Boo in the dark and giggle at each other and 7-month old jokes.


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