Camping with a baby


We went camping this weekend.

Let me give you the punch line first: Malcolm woke up with a tooth on Saturday morning.

Now I'm not sure I need to tell you the story, but I'll list a few eternal truths so that this might serve as a cautionary tale for all those ambitious young camping parents in the crowd:
1. Rocking/swaying a crying baby to sleep is not easy when you are hunched over and your head is crooked to accommodate the low ceiling height of a tent.
2. Infants do not like the sound of zippers.
3. Nursing in the pitch black on the ground is not easy.
4. You can not move if you have a baby "sleeping" with you on an air mattress.  The baby is not actually sleeping.  It is just pretending, and when you shift it stops pretending.  This is especially bothersome if you forget your pillow at home.
5. At family friendly campgrounds, there is often more than one child under the age of 2.  Sometimes they wake each other up.  Kind of like bullfrogs, only the opposite.

For those of you that are keeping track, yes, this is the second camping failure of epic proportions.

On the plus side, we had a blast with the older kids.  We went to a water park, shared campfire laughs with neighbours, ate marshmallows and happily cut our loses at 9pm the second night to head home to our own beds.


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