Story Telling


We have this fantastic oral story that we invented.  Its similar to Robert Munsch classics in that it is repetitive and silly.  Scarlett loves it, and I do too.  A couple months ago, it saved us from an epic meltdown in the middle of the Service Canada offices - its that good.

I'll let you fill in the blanks, but it goes something like this:  

There is a family that lives in a castle that includes Queen Mommy, Prince Nevin, Prince Malcolm and Princess Scarlett.  One day a surly dragon moves into The Kingdom and the worried, hostile Queen demands that it is slayed.  Each child goes out, tells the dragon they are going to slay him, runs around and around and around the dragon and kicks him in the shin.  Of course, there is always an argument involving a lot of Munsch-esque Noooooo's and Yeeeeeees's and each time the number of circles gets more ridiculous.  Shocker: the dragon is not slayed.  Princess Scarlett, being the final protagonist, runs around him so many times that she gets dizzy.  She falls on her bum, and a marshmallow that she had forgotten in her pocket falls out.  The dragon inquires, she educates, an idea forms, yada, yada, yada, the dragon is named the Official Marshmallow Roaster of The Kingdom and everyone lives happily ever after.

Scarlett tried her hand at story telling - the kind with a beginning, middle, and end - for the first time yesterday.  It went like this:

"Once upon a time there was a beeeeeautiful princess.  There was a bad guy, too.  He stole the princess and he tied up her hands,
and he locked her up,
and he tore her dress,
and he made her hair messy,
and he took away her toys,
and he took away her bandaids,
and she had to sleep on the floor with no pillow,
.... (continue for a couple minutes, during which time I lost track of the atrocities)
And then princess found the key in the lock and escaped!  And she fixed her hair and her dress and gave her mom a big hug.  Is that a good ending, Mom?"
(I say yes.)
Pause.  "And then she had a baby."

So now I know what the most important things are to her in the world, and bandaids are in the top ten.  The baby got a mention, too, so I guess he is safe for now.  As for me, now you know how I feel about roasted marshmallows.


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