Mother's Day 2015

My mother's day presents were better than yours.  Well, probably not to you, but to me, they were wicked awesome amazeballs.

First, Shawn said "I think we should do a family photoshoot."  Let's be honest here and admit that since the kids had camped out in the yard the night before, they were not feeling cooperative.  And the skies were promising drizzle.  And we have a baby who likes to mix his schedule up, just to keep us on our toes.

But we had an unscheduled afternoon and we had the library.  We did not get a lot of pictures, but we got a few, and that really pleases me.  Score one for the family.

For supper, because I'm more of a dessert kind of person than a brunch lady, we had pie.  Of course, I made it, but I like making pie.  I love baking with the kids, but baking by myself is borderline therapeutic for me.  So when Shawn asked if I wanted him take care of the kids while I do "that" gesturing to supper (which I realize on paper sounds like a jerk thing to say but in the kitchen, on that day, while the three uncooperative kids did what uncooperative kids do, it was said with such sincerity that it was really quite sweet), I was glad.  Mother's Day present #2: success.

Then finally after dinner, Nevin had a carefully crafted treasure hunt for me with number clues.  He forgot to draw pictures to hint at the next clue's location, so he would run ahead and then with pointed fingers and broad, swooping arm gestures say, "its sooooomewhere around heeeeeere."  My treasure was a sign that said, "HAPPY MOTHRDAY, complete with a backwards "r" and "d".

It was a great day.



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