The Best Laid Plans

Scarlett and I in Kingston.  Enjoying a fleeting moment of having everything all tidily planned out.

You know those moments when you think you've got life all planned out?  That was last Friday afternoon for me.  And you know those days when the best laid plans unravel?  That was last Saturday.

Friday was a family day.  We hung out in Kingston together, enjoying the moment more than usual because we had carefully planned out a date day on Saturday.  Mid-morning chat, lunch out, dinner at Scarlett's school fundraiser.  We even scheduled in a nap.  It was going to be awesome.

On our way home from Kingston, we got a text.  Our babysitter bailed on us.  No biggy, we thought, we can find a babysitter in the morning.  

In the morning, Shawn woke up with a wicked cold.  No problemo, we thought, cross out the nap, we can still go to dinner.

Dayquil wasn't really fixing the cold situation.  Okay, so not so much a date night as a "Shawn stay home and sleep while Sasha takes out a friend for a girls night" with Malcolm in tow.

Plans were made.  Pick up my friend at 6:15pm to arrive at 6:35pm, a fashionable five minutes late for the 6:30pm start time published on the ticket.  Except I didn't look carefully at the tickets until I grabbed them on my way out the door.  At 6:10pm, I discovered that the fundraiser started at 5:30pm.  Woops.  Sigh.  Gah!

But this is when this tragedy shifts into a joy.  My friend was so happy to be out of the house, she laughed when I told her there might not be any food.  Lets go on the adventure, we decided.  We arrived, and everyone was just sitting down to eat.  We even snagged carseat-friendly end-of-the-table chairs.  Of course, it turns out that we had inadvertently stole them from someone else, but at this point, we had the pity of the crowd.

The evening was great: good food, live music, and I won a prize.  There was that one awkward moment when the waitress tripped on the car seat and her tray of of beer and wine landed in it, but the baby wasn't there at the time, and really, what says I'm a mother of three (and in over my head) better that carrying around a car seat that emanates the odour of sour red wine? 

So all in all, it was a success.  The best part is that my prize is a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant in town, so whenever we've recovered and the smell has worn off, Shawn and I can plan another date night and do it all over again.


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