Nevin: The rulemaker

Nevin loves rules.  Give him a reason to follow a rule and he'll tell the world about it.  His new thing is making signs so that he can tell the world about the expectations even if he's not in the room.  In a typical week you might find two or three laying around the living room.  I've included this week's cache for historical documentation of the Era of Signs.

Sometimes, they are mundane and straightforward, like this one he made in the bathroom:
"No trucks."

Sometimes they are very specific.
"No touching Malcolm when he is sitting in the Bumbo on the kitchen table."  (The circles with five sticks are hands.)

And sometimes they are ornery.
"Scarlett is not allowed to touch my train set.  Ever."

p.s.  Nevin saw me putting together this post.  What did have to say about it?  "Mom, I know how to make signs out of Lego, too."


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