Lost Tooth


Today was a big day in the Warner household.  Nevin lost his first tooth.  I have horrible memories of my mother yanking my teeth out while I cried, so we went the opposite way: it was so loose, that when Nevin pushed his tongue on in after school to show me how wiggly it was, it fell out.  It was during a break in the kids' road hockey game.  Loosing a tooth in a hockey game?  Very Canadian of him.

Nevin was beside himself he was so excited.  He ran up to all the neighbours who were outside: "Look!  Whats different?  Look at my smile!  Notice anything about my teeth?!"

When he told Scarlett, she cocked her head to the side, scrunched her shoulders up, clasped her hands by her chest and proclaimed, "Oh Nevin, this is so exciting.  It means your big person teeth are ready to grow" in the same way old ladies in movies from the 1950's might greet lambs or newborns.  To borrow a term from that generation: it was absolutely precious.

Daddy was away tonight, so he doesn't get to see it.  Our little accountant is anxious to get what's coming his way and although rumour has it that the tooth fairy will wait to pick up teeth until all parents have seen said tooth, he insisted that the exchange must be made TONIGHT.  When I asked him what he thought the going rate for teeth is these days, he thought $20 would suffice.  I explained to him that the teeth recycling business hit rock bottom in the last recession and hasn't fully recovered.  Perhaps one to two dollars would be more reasonable.  He thought $2 wasn't so bad either, considering the economic conditions.

We celebrated by having wraps for dinner ("Look!  It fits right through!"), brushing our teeth ("Look!  It fits right through!"), and reading Stuart Little until Malcolm was bored to tears.


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