A Sleeping Baby


Tonight while I hold Malcolm in my arms, my heart breaks a little.  He has just fallen asleep, with a peaceful look on his face and a dribble of milk on his chin.  He looks content, calm and oh so sweet.

I look at him and I think, "you trust me."  You trust me and you are safe and you are healthy and I don't want this moment to end.  This is when my heart breaks.  Someday, he will get sick, he will be mistreated, his heart will get broken, he will lose his job, he will break his arm, he will feel lonely and he will make mistakes.  Right now, he is heavy in my arms and he is safe.

Every criminal, every lawyer, every cancer patient, every overworked doctor, every CEO, every slave has lived this moment.  Someone has held them with hopes and dreams and fears, recognizing the moment of innocence.

And then the moment passed.


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