Malcolm at 3 months


He continues to be big.  18 lb 9 oz.  27 inches.  The public health nurse refused to weigh him at the drop in clinic ("He looks healthy; no need.")  That just would NOT due for my Type-A self who wanted, needed, to fill in that blank line at 3 months in his baby book growth chart.  Shawn saved the day month.  He took Malcolm to the local bike shop and hung him from a bike rack that they have to weigh bikes (cyclists like to know how much extra weight they are hauling around).  Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

Except when he has a cold, which seems to be every other week, he is starting to sleep well.  He can go about  seven hours with only one feed.  It is making a world of difference for me.

The hardest adjustment has been my lack of free time.  In my head, I thought at 8 weeks everything would just get easier - thats what I remember from the first two babies.  From his birth, I was counting down the weeks.  When eight weeks turned into 11 and 12 weeks, I started getting discouraged.  Then I realized a few things:  a) things were never as overwhelming with Malcolm as they had been with my first baby, b) I have three children and c) therefore things will never be as easy as they were with my first.  Instead of going up an adjustment curve, I'm just kind of flying straight across the graph of new parenthood.  I committed to taking time for myself everyday:  I work out for at least 30 minutes before Shawn leaves for work in the morning, and everyone in the family understands that it is my uninterrupted time.  It has helped a lot and it will get my through the next while as I wait for the return of glorious amounts of me time.


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