Malcolm at 8 weeks.


I love how everything about him is so reflexive.  He can't isolate parts of his body, so everything he does seems to require full commitment and attention.

Exhibit A.  When he wakes up and stretches, his back arches tip to tail and his fists outstretch, barely past his disproportionate baby head.  His eyes are slits and his eyebrows raise so much he manages 9 horizontal wrinkles on his inch-and-a-half long forehead.

Exhibit B.  When he yawns, he draws his head way back and opens his mouth in the shape of a capital O, forcing the air out between his chubby cheeks (which look like they might collapse back upon themselves in that moment).

Exhibit C.  He flares his nostrils when he poops.

Other notable behaviours?  He has started to coo and gurgle, and smile.  He recognizes me completely.  When he is upset and given to me, you can feel his whole body relax.  He melts into my arms.  And he's 15 and a half pounds, although he still doesn't look really fat yet.  He's so tall, maybe he won't get that look?  I absolutely adore fat, fat babies, so I'm holding out hope that the rolls are forthcoming.


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