Reading and an Overdue Baby

"I'll take 17 cups of raspberry leaf tea with that." 

In the last week of my pregnancy, I decided to read "one last book" before things got crazy with a newborn.  I picked a Man Booker Prize winner, so I was sure to end on a high note.  I requested it from the library and when it arrived, I discovered I was in for a 700-page high note.  Considerably longer then I had hoped for.

Much like my pregnancy.

But it was an amazing book, that was compelling and opened me up to topics that I had previously had no interest.  Of course, I couldn't get it done before my induction date, so I took it with me to the hospital, thinking I might read a few more pages.  It was the book that just kept going.  Aptly chosen by some one who was experiencing the never ending pregnancy.  We were all surprised when I got to spend the entire day reading, as we slowly worked from the most natural induction methods to, eventually, pitocyn.  And I still didn't finish the book.  I did finish my pregnancy.

So, ultimately my pregnancy was a 700 page Man Booker Prize Winner type of experience: long, at times difficult, but looking back it was the right length that allowed me quiet time to reflect and connect with myself.

Its length was exactly what I needed.


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