On Baby Names


After we named Scarlett most people adored her name - or at least to our faces were kind with their judgement - except for one close person.  They said, "Hmph, not a name I'd give my child."

Ouch.  At first, I was a little disappointed and even a little hurt.  But after some contemplation, I looked at their children's names and thought: "Of course they wouldn't - their tastes are totally different than mine.  I would never dream of using their children's names either."  It was no longer the message that was bothersome, only the delivery.

The kids and I had a conversation on Saturday that illustrates the issue.

Nevin: Scarlett, you're a Silly-Bo-Billy.
Scarlett: No!  I'm a Scarlett.
Me: What about a Scarlett-Bo-Barlett?
Scarlett:  No!  Only Scarlett.  No silly names!
Me: What about Nevin?  Should we give him a silly name?
Both: Yes!
Me: So what should we call him?
{Scarlett gets lost in thought.  Nevin waits eagerly.}
Scarlett:  John!

You see, here is the thing:  Your John might be my Jett, or your Josiah might be my John.  We all are a part of different social circles, consume different media and form different opinions on names.  Scarlett has never met a John her age - maybe a Jack, but not a John - and I'm pretty sure the only John that she comes across regularly is the wildly dressed John the Baptist.  And he is pretty silly looking to a three-year-old (what kind of guy wears miniskirts made out of camel hair anyways?)

Shawn and I seemed to have decided on names for the baby, and this week we'll be opening ourselves up to criticism yet again.  Just remember when you someone presents their baby to you, they gave a lot of thought to that baby's name and they have done what they believe to be the very best for that child.  Be kind with your judgement, or at least with your words.

p.s.  Why are selfies so easy for teenagers?  This was taken two weeks ago, and I am very conflicted about it.  Also, why is it that unbrushed straight-out-of-the-shower hair can look like that, but when I put effort in its a mess?  So unreliable.


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