Highlight of the summer?

This morning, while stretching on the floor after a nice little workout, I had a traumatic experience.  A mouse ran beside me, scuttling around the silhouette of my leg.  One minute, I was stretching my hamstrings, the next, I was on the couch.  I don't even know how I got there.  Later, Shawn said that he had heard a noise from upstairs but thought, "that sound doesn't sound like Gwennie."  I'm presuming some time between the floor and the couch, I may have shrieked.  Maybe twice.

I called for Shawn and the whole family came to the rescue.  The kids were full of great ideas:

"We need a cat!"
"We need cheese!"
"Mommy, mommy!  I have lots of big things in my play kitchen to catch it!  Isn't that a great idea?"
"Who can we borrow a cat from?"
"Here's a giant Tupperware!"

The kids thought it was fantastic and alternated between peeking under and jumping on the furniture, squealing with delight at spotting their furry foe.  They chased it from corner to corner of the room.

My job was to make sure it didn't go up the stairs and didn't leave the den where it was trapped.  I felt pretty comfortable with this, since I was a couple steps higher than their level, until the mouse came scurrying towards my corner and started jumping, trying to make the step.  At this point, I may have declared "if you don't catch that mouse soon, I'm going to have this baby right here and now!"  Shawn laughed and said he'd never seen this side of me - "you are like every stereotype ever right now!"

In the end Shawn, armed with a broom and my prized round yellow Tupperware especially designed to keep pies and mice fresh, caught the little nuisance.*  The kids wanted keep him as a pet.  I vetoed.  We do not live in a democracy.  Shawn bid him adieu and peace was restored.

It was totally awesome and hilarious.  A perfect way to end our summer.  How is it that the littlest things in life can be so grand and fantastic?

*Honestly though ladies, if you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, let's not lose sight of the real accomplishment here: I am mere days from my third trimester and I didn't pee my pants.


  1. Sashdale, I literally shook the bed with laughter as I read this. Thank you.


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