Flushing Underwear


In the five seconds I had my backed turned on Scarlett after helping her with toileting, two things happened: she dropped her underwear into the toilet and the flush cycle finished.

She shrieked and I turned.  "Bring them back!  Bring them back!"

She told me what had happened.  I know that she was curious and she had no idea what the consequence would be - after all, these were her purple and pink princess underwear.  We sat down and I explained that we couldn't undo what she had done, and we couldn't bring the underwear back.  She cried.  She seemed to accept it, but was very disappointed in the outcome.  "Its so sad," she said between sobs.  "Its just so sad."

We had lunch.  After lunch, I asked her if she wanted a nap.  The tears started rolling again: "Yes. I need my blanket.  I need a nap.  Its so sad.  Its a bad day."

The nap definitely helped, but when she woke up her first words were "where's my princess underwear?"  This time she just sighed at my response.

At the end of the day, when Shawn got home he said he'd heard that her day was rough.  "Oh, yes, Daddy.  Sometimes little people have bad days.  Sometimes, little people who are three have very bad days."

If I was a better writer, this would be an allegory.  Instead we'll have to just take it as face value - an adorable little anecdote - and maybe pull a couple life lessons out of it: when life sucks, hug your mom and take a nap.


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