Snapshoots of Scarlett in Maine


1.  I bought treats for snacks for the long trip.  Trail mix seemed like a good idea until, out of boredom, she stuck a peanut up her nose somewhere outside of Granby, Quebec.  After a trip to the ER in Sherbrooke, complete with a blast of saline solution and suction, we are confident that she will never do that again.  Mostly because she is forbidden to ever touch peanuts again.

2.  She wasn't enjoying the strolls along the coast at low tide until we started looking for pink and purple sea shells.  She started running to Daddy to have him take a picture of every rock and shell she could find with a hint of pink/purple.  She only wanted pictures so that she could "leave them for the other little girls to find."

3.  On the smell of the ocean:
"Something smells gooey in my nose.  I no like the ocean smell."

4. Upon trying her first ever Fruit Roll-up on the trip back:
"Mommy, this was a VERY good idea."

5.  On saying good-bye to Bar Harbor (out the van window, in a wistful sing-songy voice):
"See you in a while Bar Harbor.  See you when the baby is bigger and I'm really big.  Like when I'm six."


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