Snapshots of Happy Times

Scarlett.  She fills every bag she can find with random stuff.  Its compulsive.  She can't help it.  If she sees an empty bag, it must be filled.  I've been dealing with this stage -- the missing cooking utensils, the puzzle with the one missing piece, Nevin's "favourite" matchbox car AWOL, a hammerless toy toolbox -- and chiding her for at least six months, but secretly I find it endearing.


Nevin.  He got his first Lego set today.  He loves it.  He watched Shawn put it together the first time.  About an hour later, he asked me for the constructions* and took it a part himself.  He has spent at least two hours today carefully taking it apart and putting it back together.  He loves puzzles and anything that requires order and quiet concentration.  I think there might be a lot of Lego in our future.


* Constructions are instructions.  I correct him, subtly, all the time but he's not getting it.  Last summer, I tried to explain it in detail, but that went like this:
Nevin: Are those the constructions?
Sasha: No, these are the instructions.
Nevin: The constructions?
Sasha: No.  INstructions, not CONstructions.  In, like when you go IN something.  Like the opposite of out.
Nevin: Oh, okay.
Two minutes pass, while I read the instructions.  Nevin sits quietly beside me.
Nevin: So, what do the INconstructions say?


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