A 5th Birthday Sleepover


Nevin had a sleep over with his good neighbour friend for his fifth birthday.  They were pretty tired by the end of the day, but they still couldn't resist talking to each other after the lights went out.

The first time Shawn went up to ask them to stop talking, Nevin said, "but Daddy, I was scared of the dark."  Shawn told him his friend was there, so there was nothing to worry about.  To punctuate Shawn's argument with an exclamation point, Nevin's friend piped up: "Yeah!  And I'm FEARLESS!"

About ten minutes later, we could hear the whispers and excited tones again.  Shawn trudged back up stairs to tell them again that it was past bedtime and it was time to go to sleep.  This time, Nevin said, "we were talking so we wouldn't be scared of the dark."  And his friend chimed in, too, slowly and wide-eyed, "Yes, Shawn.  There were shadows, and it turns out I'm not as fearless as I thought."


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