Hamilton Hotel

Dear Shawn,

Remember that time we took our kids to the unsafest hotel in Ontario?  You know, the time our son almost witnessed a murder?  I've been thinking, and I’ve decided next time we go to visit Hamilton we should stay somewhere else.

I know, I'm being a real stick-in-the-mud.  The indoor pool was a lot of fun, and the complimentary waffle breakfasts were a hit with the kids, but I'm just not sold on the night life.  You can call me a country bumpkin, but all the sirens made it hard to sleep that first night.  And it's very convenient to be right beside a Tim Horton's, but it just looks kind of eery at 4am illuminated by red and blue flashing lights and surrounded by yellow crime scene tape.

It was super kind of Hamilton Tourism to give us an authentic downtown experience.  I felt like I was on a movie set while I watched the forensics team place the numbered evidence placards on the ground for pictures.  And really, it was pretty convenient that we didn't have to find stuff for the kids to do - they thought all the emergency vehicles that cordoned off the parking lot were better than any silly museum or theme park.

Its just - here's the thing: stray bullets hurt children.  I know those men planned out the murder, and I'm sure they were quite careful about the efficiency of their work, but what if their plan had gone awry?  Bullets go through walls.  And children.  So next time, lets forget about the pool and waffles and do a little Google search.  Because after all, if we'd looked into it we would have learned about the other guy who was murdered in the same parking lot two months ago.

Lots of love,

p.s.  I'm really glad we decided on the "home before dark" rule at check-in.  Saved us from those pesky witness subpoenas.  How 'bout the next time we look around and decide its the kind of neighbourhood that we can't leave our car parked outside at night, we just check back out?



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