Hitting the Snooze Button

Today was disaster.  Shawn and Scarlett have colds - miserable colds.  Nevin has no excuse, but he had the kind of morning where he pushed his sister.  I say "push", but for accuracy's sake, let's just call it a hip check.  Scarlett was so sick that after seeing left over pizza - which was more than she could bare - she annouced "me no lunch" with a whimper, flopped on the couch and passed out cold in two minutes flat.

We were all at each other.  If life was a Charlie Brown comic strip, the rain cloud was situated directly over the Warner Residence.

Then after lunch, this happened:


I hit the reset button.  We slept.  I didn't wake up to the kids whispering and laughing downstairs; Shawn did.  I woke up to him saying "I told you so."  I got up in a huff, contemplating sending the hounds -- that's polite speak for "monsters" -- up to him, whilst I nestled in for a dreamless slumber in some corner in the basement.  Instead, kindly, I shut the door, turned on some white noise, and let him sleep.

Two hours later, he woke up and thanked me.  Some people just need a little more snooze.


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