Drive-In Political Pundits


Parenting a four-year-old is a lot like being a politician.
Kindergarteners are curious and they ask a lot of questions.  Their line of questioning is like that of a seasoned reporter, and in this simile, the parent -- with their honest and elusive answers -- is left to be the inexperienced, blundering politician.

Case in point: yesterday on our first family trip to the drive-in theater.

Shawn: There's not very many drive-ins left anymore.
Nevin: Why?
Shawn: A lot of reasons.
Nevin: How many?
Shawn: Oh, a whole bunch.
Nevin: How much is a whole bunch?
Shawn: Probably 10.
Nevin: Can you tell me all 10?
Shawn: No.

Nevin takes the win.


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