Run or Dye 2013

The smart people always say "live in the moment."  Well, this weekend I did something that was sooooo 2013.  YOLO?

I'll let the pictures describe all that was Run or Dye, but since we're being all 2013 up in here, indulge me while I throw in some year book style superlatives.

Most likely to be mistaken for wearing a shirt: Me.
After I stripped my dirty shirt in the parking lot, revealing my fluorescent white skin.  As in:
Me: Look, guys!  It even stained right through my shirt onto my belly!
Friend, completely serious: (Squints) Oh my God, Sasha!  I thought that WAS your shirt!

Most likely to be hospitalized:  The Petite Friend.
I've heard being little is lovely, but it left Petite Friend ear-level with overzealous powder throwers.  As in, someone accidentally threw it directly in her ear, filling it, and she had to seek medical advice to remove it and ease the ear ache.

Most Valuable Runner: The Sick Friend.  (a.k.a. the Kerri Strug Award)
Things didn't look good when we arrived to pick her up and she had laryngitis and a cold.  She said, "I'm okay guys, it'll be fun!"  And it was.  She ran her first ever 5k with us.  Not just her first 5k race - her first ever 5k run with no stopping.  She was all smiles and encouragement.  Back in the car, she said, "I'm okay guys, sometimes I just get a little car sick."  By the time we got home she admitted she was running a fever of 102 F, and just wanted to crawl into bed, but her teething baby had spent the morning at the hospital to get diagnosed with pink eye, so there was a decent chance she might never sleep again.  And with that, she earned MVP of the decade.




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