Mother's Day

Spring time pedicure, with a little Nevin on the side.

The Ten Commandments.  I think I've pretty much nailed the "thou shalt not kill" and "thou shalt not commit adultery" commandments so far.  The trickier one for me has always been "honour thy father and thy mother."  I've said a lot of penitent Hail Mary's over that one since about the age of thirteen.

Like many women, the relationship I have with my mother is complicated.  She is a lovely woman, but our convictions are so different, and our weaknesses are so similar, that it gets us into trouble.

When we have a great day together, it is refreshing.  Saturday was one of those days.  We spent most of the day together and it was marvelous.  We went thrift shopping (my love), ate Eggs Benedict (her love), got a pedicure (Dad's treat), drank a glass of wine with dinner, belly laughed.  It was a really good day.

Happy early Mother's Day.


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