Country Mice, City Mice

The Easter long weekend: one of my favourites.
It is very comforting for me: the arrival of spring, the good food, the rituals in church, the hope.  I always leave the weekend feeling refreshed and feeling like I've had an entire week off.  I love that.

The weather was great, so in addition to going to church and eating with family, we had lots of time to go exploring (and really, with pre-schoolers, a 100 foot walk down the street is an adventure, so leaving the neighbourhood is still mind-blowing to them).

Friday, we explored the country.
Murphys Point Collagebranded

Saturday, it was the city.  Actually, it was small town Perth, but we went to the beautiful, rough, city-vibe part of it.
Factory Collagebranded

And don't think we are magic picture takers, either.  (Edit: by picture takers, I meant photographers.)  The reason the portraits are so up-in-their-grills is because the only way we could trick them into getting happy pictures was by either a) convincing them we needed to document the "beautiful" charcoal rocks they kept "finding" or b) challenging them not to show off their bellies.  You should see the out-takes... crushed stone and belly buttons all over the place.

That was our weekend.  And just because I want to someday turn this blog into my coffee table book: here are the money shots.



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