Taking the long way home

Taking the long way home by SashaWarner
Taking the long way home, a photo by SashaWarner on Flickr.
This weekend, we went to Hamilton to visit my brother's family. On the way back Sunday morning, we decided to take the scenic route home. Nevin has never seen the CN Tower.

Shawn: Nevin, in a little while we are going to stop at a really big tower.
Nevin: Why?
Shawn: Because its reeeally cool.
Nevin: Are we going to stop there?
Shawn: Maybe... we'll see..
Nevin: Because I'm sure gonna want to.

We didn't go up, but Nevin thought it was pretty amazing. We did stop at the National Air Force Museum in Trenton. The kids thought the planes and helicopters were really cool. Shawn and I were struck by all the memorials and names of men and women who have served in Canada's Air Force. I don't think it was a coincidence that we ended up there at 11am on Remembrance Day.  It was a pause we needed.

So much excitement meant Nevin, the new anti-nap king, fell fast asleep for the last bit of the trip.

Tonight before dinner, we said what we were thankful for, like we do every night.  I leaned towards the sappier side of things.  Nevin said, "the tower. And the planes. Oh! And the tall buildings by the tower! And this soup. I love this soup." It was Shawn turned to me and said, "I'm thankful for his nap."


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