Camping For Four, Please.

I am sure on this blog it seems as though parenthood is full of sunshine and lollipops. Even when things are a little off, it seems a toddler says something oh-so-adorable that restores the blissful way. Let me assure you this is not the case. Sometimes, my husband is grumpy, sometimes the kids are grumpy, usually I'm grumpy. And sometimes, on those really lovely days, we are all grumpy. You hope on those days that you are hiding in your home, where no one knows that the sunshine is too hot and the lollipops taste like lollipoops.

Not so yesterday. Oh, no. Yesterday at approximately 8pm, at campsite 436 in Bon Echo Provincial Park, it sounded like Scarlett was dying a slow painful death at the hands of a pack of killer bees. Nevin took his cues from her. You could hear Shawn's deep breathing exercises from two sites over. And me, I just wanted a beer and salt and vinegar chips.

We gave up. We saved our fellow campers the agony of listening to the Warner trainwreck and packed up that campsite fast (another great reason to buy a van... ). The good news for them is that after an hour of listening to it, they were not only rewarded with silence, but also with a critter free night, as I'm certain my children scared all the raccoons within a five kilometer radius.

I'm not exaggerating the truth at all when I say both kids were fast asleep by the time we pulled onto the highway. Always the way. Once the kids were asleep, Shawn and I regained our sanity and actually had pretty pleasant ride home, complete with chippies.


  1. I love that you're so honest Sasha!
    We haven't tried officially camping yet and I am so nervous to do so.
    Hopefully your next camping trip will end a little more peacefully!

  2. Hey! Hooray - thanks for posting! I know you know exactly where I'm at. I double dog dare you to try it next summer...


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