Last weekend, we were invited to a cottage by friends.  Lots o' fun, especially for us non-cottage owners or renters.  Especially after the disaster that was camping.  What a treat.

After a late evening, they got up and made a HUGE delicious breakfast including pancakes, bacon, and sausage.  Lots of berries to, you know, keep things healthy.  While it was all being prepared, Nevin ran through the kitchen, stopped dead in his tracks and said, "What's that smell?"

"That's bacon, Nevin."

"Bacon!?!  Who eats bacon for breakfast?!?  That's silly!"

And at that moment, I realized that the only time he has ever seen bacon is in bits on a salad for dinner.  No wonder he's a picky eater - I've forgotten to sprinkle is little life with bacon.

At the time it struck me funny, as in haha funny.  Then I realized something: what a developed world, middle class story to tell.  I am lucky that I am so well off that my first reaction is to laugh about my child being deprived of bacon.  I wasn't going to post the story, because it didn't seem funny anymore, but then I thought, "I'm going to be looking back at this blog and I need to include this."  Sometimes I need to be taken down a few notches and recognize the material abundance in my life.

Time to take a moment to be thankful.


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