Sunday, 1 July 2012

Vermont Family Vacation

Hooray! The Warner family summer vacation has officially begun. We are in Vermont, ready to do... Who knows! Ah, the freedom.

There were lots of highlights today.
- first of Scarlett only cried the first 20 minutes. It was a Christmas (in July) miracle.
- We stopped in Lake Placid for our first break. Who knew the "I Love BBQ Festival" would be waiting for us? Yes please! And we were serenaded by a live band playing Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor covers while we licked our disposable plates. Forget about Canada Day, Lake Placid is where it is at.
- The Lake Champlain ferry was a hit with the three-year-old set. Eyes as big as saucers. Speaking of his eyes, all the old ladies were swooning...those Americans really have a thing for long eye lashes.
- Oh my Gosh, the drive. The mountains are so great. About 10 minutes from our destination, Nevin asked Shawn what we were doing. Shawn said, "we are driving down a mountain". Nevin replied, "I assume we'll be driving back up another one?". Where does he come up with this Stuff?

Don't worry; my life is not perfect, it's not all sunshine and roses ( although we did see a rainbow in the mountains). We definitely didn't read the directions and took the "scenic route" about an hour into the trip. And by "we", I do not mean "me". It took about five minutes and gas station map for us to de-stress. And by "us", I do not mean "him". It ended up being a prettier way any ways, but there definitely a few... ummm... tense moments.

All in all, a great day, with a great ending (a pint of Vermont beer).


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