Vermont Family Vacation

Hooray! The Warner family summer vacation has officially begun. We are in Vermont, ready to do... Who knows! Ah, the freedom.

There were lots of highlights today.
- first of Scarlett only cried the first 20 minutes. It was a Christmas (in July) miracle.
- We stopped in Lake Placid for our first break. Who knew the "I Love BBQ Festival" would be waiting for us? Yes please! And we were serenaded by a live band playing Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor covers while we licked our disposable plates. Forget about Canada Day, Lake Placid is where it is at.
- The Lake Champlain ferry was a hit with the three-year-old set. Eyes as big as saucers. Speaking of his eyes, all the old ladies were swooning...those Americans really have a thing for long eye lashes.
- Oh my Gosh, the drive. The mountains are so great. About 10 minutes from our destination, Nevin asked Shawn what we were doing. Shawn said, "we are driving down a mountain". Nevin replied, "I assume we'll be driving back up another one?". Where does he come up with this Stuff?

Don't worry; my life is not perfect, it's not all sunshine and roses ( although we did see a rainbow in the mountains). We definitely didn't read the directions and took the "scenic route" about an hour into the trip. And by "we", I do not mean "me". It took about five minutes and gas station map for us to de-stress. And by "us", I do not mean "him". It ended up being a prettier way any ways, but there definitely a few... ummm... tense moments.

All in all, a great day, with a great ending (a pint of Vermont beer).


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